Where Love Lies – Julie Cohen

where love lies

To the outside world Felicity has the perfect life, a job as a children’s author and illustrator, a lovely home in a small village and a doting husband most women would dream of. Underneath all of this though, Felicity is struggling. After the loss of her mother something hasn’t felt right but one day she catches a scent she hasn’t smelt in years…could it be her mother? Following her senses has never been more risky as it all comes down to following her head or her heart.

The novel revolves around love, loss and questioning yourself. As Felicity struggles with what she knows is right and what she feels it leads us as a reader to question our own lives. It is also very important to recognise that Felicity is on her own, the mother she adored has gone, she’s never known her father and feels suffocated by the expectations that life in a small village have put on her.  After the whole village seems to know that her and husband Quinn have even considered having a baby (something which she hasn’t even decided on yet) her feelings of not belonging come to the surface again.

The fact that Cohen has also used multiple POV’s makes this go further than the chick lit title that some have given it (you are WRONG this novel goes further than that!) seeing both Quinn and Felicity’s side opens up a whole new set of questions and feelings towards the characters. I fell in love with both of the characters and it spurred me to read constantly, Cohen has an incredible knack of making you know something isn’t quite right but giving you no clue as to the real answer!

After reading Dear Thing, I was hooked by Cohen’s talent and eagerly waited for Where Love Lies, as I suspected Cohen didn’t disappoint. The novel focuses on the fine lines of love that we sometimes forget, the hazy days of a first love and the realities of settling down. While Felicities’ feelings are confusing and at times hard to understand you live through them with her and are just as desperate as she is to work out what is going on.

Although I can’t spoil it for you, the ending of this novel is absolutely spectacular and so well researched. To top it all off it’s something that you would never suspect and if anything can be slightly chilling as well as an interesting perspective. There is a worry of mine that when a novel builds steadily throughout the reveal will disappoint but I can assure you Where Love Lies is completely worth the wait and the suspense.

I’m giving this novel 5 stars *****. Although initially I wondered how this would work and worried it could be just a romance Cohen has crafted something inspiring with Where Love Lies, the novel makes you think, question and follows you for a long time after you have finished. I think quirky Felicity and loveable Quinn will live in my memory for a long time, and so will the ending but you’ll find out why once you read it yourself!


Top Tuesday – Getting over Heartbreak

Both myself and my boyfriend have had our hearts broken in some way in the past week, and not by each other as you might think! We lost our band this week, For All That Goes have split up despite this me and him will be carrying on firstly with our new song ‘Heartbreak’. I felt like it was important to write this because it is not just a romantic relationship that can break your heart a loss of any kind can, especially friendship. I said I would publish a reaction to the end of the band and well here it is. I feel that although the band was planning to end at the end of the summer it ended earlier due to selfish actions and change, in all honesty myself and Ali were struggling to carry it on. Don’t get me wrong I am still friends with two other members, another has chosen that this is not what he wants which is completely out of the blue. I will tell you now though that For All That Goes will never get back together due to recent events and a betrayal.  ImageAbove: My first gig with For All That Goes 

Do you know what? It’s made me a stronger person in the long run. I’ve felt like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on in front of me but I’m writing again, I’m singing again and I haven’t had a clearer goal in my head. It also taught me that just because silly little girls don’t like your passion of life and your confidence because of their own insecurities  doesn’t mean that it’s your problem. I’ll smile wider and laugh louder because I CAN. I’ve been through so much S*** in the last few years that I deserve to smile and so do you my wonderful readers. I’m going to walk away from this band with great memories, experience and a smile because it’s what it deserves. I hope you never find yourself in this situation be it by a Girlfriend, Boyfriend, close friend or family, but if you do maybe this list will cheer you up 🙂 

Love as always, Chloe 

1. Give yourself time to cry – crying is good and healthy, let it all out

2. Eat Ice Cream – or another choice of desert just for a while stuff the diet, get yourself back on track

3. Have support around you – Ali, my friends and family have been brilliant about this and it made me better 

4. Don’t make rash decisions – Think about what your going to do/say 

5. Decide what is best for YOU 

6. Do things you enjoy! – I started writing poetry, lyrics and reviews again! 

7. Don’t let it rule your life – I can assure you most of the time they are not worth it.

8. Love yourself. 

9. Breathe – If something gets to you for whatever reason just take a two minute breather and move on. 

10. Don’t expect to be okay over night – everyone is allowed to hurt but you’ll be okay in time.