WATCH: Lady Gaga Sings the National Anthem at NYC Gay Pride Rally

I got shivers watching this ❤ Congrats America!


Lady Gaga returned to the spotlight this week after spending a few months laying low following her hip surgery and canceled world tour. Mother Monster helped kick off New York’ Gay Pride Parade by taking the stage at Friday’s kickoff rally to offer some heartfelt words of support to the LGBT community.

(PHOTOS: Supreme Victory: Gay Marriage Decisions Spark Celebration)

“It’s my LGBT friends and fans who always said to me, I knew Lady Gaga when,” the singer said. “Well, look who the star is now. Now I get to say that I knew you when. When you suffered, when you felt unequal, when you felt there was nothing to look forward to.” Gaga then launched into the National Anthem, clutching a rainbow flag. At the end of her rendition, she changed up the lyrics a bit, replacing “star-spangled banner” with ” “star-spangled flag of pride” and “home of the…

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I am thrilled to introduce you to my new blog ‘Maybe I Shouldn’t have Said That’ here is my first article! 


I hope you enjoy! 

Scottsboro – Ellen Feldman



Nine young black men are found in a train car with two white women. 

A cry of rape, a loss of freedom and a fight that is life or death. 

Welcome to Scottsboro 

I was recommended this novel by a friend of mine a long time ago when I first started reviewing, when I went to look for it however it could not be found in the bookshop. While I was wandering around the library I took it upon myself to check this book out. I thought this may relate to my previous college project ‘The presentation of African American Women in post 1900s literature’. I was hoping Scottsboro would give me a good grounding on fiction regarding one of the most important and influential trials of the Civil rights movement. 

I was pleasantly surprised when the novel opened in the heart of the action, however I was also a bit confused. The novel beings in the train car that the ‘Scottsboro boys’ and their two accusers are on, as a scuffle breaks out between the black and white youths. Although not always clear, the reader later learns that this is the voice of Ruby Bates one of the accusers. The story then changes to an office in New York as a young journalist decides she must travel to Scottsboro for the case. It is from the view of Alice Whittier that the novel unfolds as the reader follows her during trial after trial. 


The Scottsboro boys and their lawyer.

I must admit that I was not excited by the novel. By that I mean that I could easily put it down and come back a few hours later, I believe this was because of the voice of Alice Whittier. I was thoroughly disappointed  after the action of the first chapter became the lul that is Alice Whittier’s life. I found her character, as with many of the other prominent characters to be quite dull and fairly stereotypical. Alice frustrated me a great deal in her ‘fight’ to become a journalist and prove herself as a man in a men’s world. I raced through the pages, not content with reading about her irritating family life which really had no impact on the novel. It was the element of romance that I got most annoyed about, although maybe romance is the wrong word. While we have Alice campaigning that she doesn’t want to be seen as a woman and that she is full of feminist dignity and then she starting sleeping with the men around her with the excuse of ‘passion’. At these parts of the novel I read on frustrated because I knew Feldman could write from previous chapters but this was an incredibly weak part of the plot I wanted to scream get back to the boys!

On the other hand the presentation of Ruby Bates was incredibly interesting. I can understand why Feldman decided to use her as a voice, possibly to prove the boys innocence. The character of Ruby had sympathetic tendencies but again I felt the whole ‘love story’ element was a little weak and made this quite a feminine text. I also felt that Ruby was portrayed as a victim and there was not really an overwhelming sense that what both her and Victoria Price had done was disgusting. Instead it appears that because she stood up and defended the boys when it was too late she should be hailed a hero, which really should not be the case. I was a little dissapointed that the only voices throughout the novel were those of the white people surrounding the trail. There are snippets of how the men felt and behaved but these are again through Alice’s words. As she recounts what the men had told her about life in prison, the novel transforms. I feel that if the novel had been partially through the eyes of the real ‘Scottsboro boys’ that it would have been incredible as these small parts clearly show Feldman’s potential talent.

Overall I feel that the novel seems to be unbalanced. I understand that the constant re trails  would be hard to keep interesting in a novel although I feel that the romance present was not the way to go. I just felt irritated or bored throughout the novel, to me it just didn’t capture the true racism and terror of the Deep South in the 1930s. I think the novel simply proved how this actually boosted the names of many white men and women ‘helping’ them and questions their motives. 

I give this novel 3 stars *** , it isn’t a bad novel I just couldn’t get on with it after the novels I had read previously regarding the civil rights movement. 

Scottsboro – Ellen Feldman 



Review by Chloe Metzger 

Shine on Award – A nomination!

I have been lucky enough to once again be nominated for a blog award 🙂 Fortunately this one I can take part it as there are no restrictions about how many followers the other blogs have! I would like to thank  for this nomination. It really feels amazing to be nominated, so thank you 🙂 

Here are the award rules:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

shine-on-awardI can’t guarantee how interesting these facts will be, but My seven facts! 

  1. The first thing I bought on my first payday was a bookcase.
  2. I started writing my first novel on the 20th June 2013, so far, so good! 
  3. I am a musician as well as a writer
  4. I’m trained in Musical Theatre 
  5. My current plans for the future include moving to New York… yes I do sing The Wombats song in my head when I say that
  6. I should be moving to Kingston (London) in September 
  7. I still take my teddy bear everywhere with me, even on holidays….I’m 18 years old.

Here are the Blogs that I would like to nominate, give them a look 🙂 

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Getting Organised.

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are all well! 

So I have decided that I have had enough of lounging around want to get myself organised with a lovely little desk organizer I purchased. I am telling you all of this because it involves you! Yes you! As you know this blog has been my primary way of writing for quite some time now and I’m sure you will be pleased to know I have now officially started my first novel!! 

With this in mind I have decided that I need to set myself specific weekly targets I will be continuing with ‘Top Tuesdays’ for you as they have received great feedback lately. I will also of course be continuing with reviews which will be being posted on a Sunday for now (this may change so do pop back). Two days a week I hear you ask? This is where the exciting part comes in, as well as this blog I will also be starting another ‘Miss Opinionated’ for my article writing as I have taken in interest in journalism. You will have me between two and three days a week usually.


Here is a rough outline for you:

Monday : Novel or Lyric Writing  (offline) 

Tuesday: ‘Top Tuesday’s’ – The Little Bookworm 

Wednesday: General Article/ Reporting day although not weekly to start – Miss Opinionated 

Thursday: unknown 

Friday: News Review – Miss Opinionated

Saturday – Rest day 🙂 

Sunday : Review Day – The Little Bookworm 


I hope you enjoy! Please keep an eye out I may not be writing as much as the novel is incredibly absorbing! Coming up for you bookworms! This weekend Scottsboro: Ellen Feldman and I am currently reading Close My Eyes: Sophie McKenzie 

Time’s Up – Creative Writing

My heart stopped for a flicker of a second but I wouldn’t let my face betray what was going on in my head as I calculated his face.

‘It’s not going to go this time, is it?’ I asked. Robert slowly rubbed his hand across the top of his head, a nervous twitch of sorts I had noticed.

‘We can try to prolong, it’s been done before and with your physical state right now you’re in with a fighting chance, but no’ he said. The one thing I liked about Robert was that he cut the shit, he knew I didn’t want to hear anything sugar-coated. He held a tissue up to me and before that I hadn’t even realized I was crying, a tear slid down my cheek. I hastily wiped it away and smiled at him. For most people knowing that you are going to die would break you but after flirting with death too many times in an odd way I welcomed it as if it were an old friend. I instead worried about Robert, he was an older man by now, much older than that first diagnosis all those years ago. After three years in remission I think he was as hopeful as everyone else, his smile radiated more than most on my wedding day. In this way I felt sorry for the man who greeted death on sometimes a daily basis but had to give sympathies to those who he knew he would have to watch fall and with all his intelligence and wisdom, was powerless.

‘Thank you Robert, I will call for a follow-up soon’ I smiled and placed my hand on his.

‘But your treatment, we need to discuss the right course of action..’ I let myself look right into his eyes trying to hold on to the strength I had left before I let the dam break.

‘How long, without the treatment?’ I asked, my voice sounding louder than before.

‘Anything between 6 months to 2 years we can’t say definitely’ I knew he would go on to discuss relentless options with me to keep me going, I had to think of Kevin, of Ava. I felt like I could feel the world move beneath my feet .

‘ I need time Robert, just a day or two, please?’

He nodded and as I slipped through the door I looked up at the receptionist, she was new and didn’t know my story yet as many of the others did from coming in and out. She smiled at me and as I watched her beautiful blonde hair sleek up into a little ponytail I realized that I wasn’t battling this time. It’s odd isn’t  it the things that go through your head but seeing her full head of hair and her smile made me realize that if Ava was going to have to give me up then I wanted her to remember me as, me.

I got the prompt for this from a great source if you just want to get back into writing again after a while like I am. Mine was number 230.

Let me know what you think and if you think this is a story worth pursuing! Thanks as always everyone!

The past

At school I went through a lot, I became incredibly depressed to the point I am lucky to be who I am today. I found this today which I wrote at a hard point, possibly one of the lowest I wanted to share this because I came through the other side. 


When people ask if your okay 9 times out of ten they don’t want to hear the real answer , they’re hoping you’ll say yeah thanks and you and move the conversation on. The one time someone wants to know if you’re really okay they say it differently and you can tell when people want to hear when the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you really cant take anymore.

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