Top Tuesday – Getting over Heartbreak

Both myself and my boyfriend have had our hearts broken in some way in the past week, and not by each other as you might think! We lost our band this week, For All That Goes have split up despite this me and him will be carrying on firstly with our new song ‘Heartbreak’. I felt like it was important to write this because it is not just a romantic relationship that can break your heart a loss of any kind can, especially friendship. I said I would publish a reaction to the end of the band and well here it is. I feel that although the band was planning to end at the end of the summer it ended earlier due to selfish actions and change, in all honesty myself and Ali were struggling to carry it on. Don’t get me wrong I am still friends with two other members, another has chosen that this is not what he wants which is completely out of the blue. I will tell you now though that For All That Goes will never get back together due to recent events and a betrayal.  ImageAbove: My first gig with For All That Goes 

Do you know what? It’s made me a stronger person in the long run. I’ve felt like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on in front of me but I’m writing again, I’m singing again and I haven’t had a clearer goal in my head. It also taught me that just because silly little girls don’t like your passion of life and your confidence because of their own insecurities  doesn’t mean that it’s your problem. I’ll smile wider and laugh louder because I CAN. I’ve been through so much S*** in the last few years that I deserve to smile and so do you my wonderful readers. I’m going to walk away from this band with great memories, experience and a smile because it’s what it deserves. I hope you never find yourself in this situation be it by a Girlfriend, Boyfriend, close friend or family, but if you do maybe this list will cheer you up 🙂 

Love as always, Chloe 

1. Give yourself time to cry – crying is good and healthy, let it all out

2. Eat Ice Cream – or another choice of desert just for a while stuff the diet, get yourself back on track

3. Have support around you – Ali, my friends and family have been brilliant about this and it made me better 

4. Don’t make rash decisions – Think about what your going to do/say 

5. Decide what is best for YOU 

6. Do things you enjoy! – I started writing poetry, lyrics and reviews again! 

7. Don’t let it rule your life – I can assure you most of the time they are not worth it.

8. Love yourself. 

9. Breathe – If something gets to you for whatever reason just take a two minute breather and move on. 

10. Don’t expect to be okay over night – everyone is allowed to hurt but you’ll be okay in time. 


The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman



A Woman stole your heart when you didn’t know it could mend, 

Her heart is now broken and you can fix it if you never tell a soul as well as saving a child. 

Set just after  WW1, war hero Tom Sherborne wants a quiet life after what he has seen. With a heavy heart it is just short of a miracle when he finds not only a perfect job on the isolated island of Janus, but also a young and fiery Isabel. After exchanging letters Tom and Isabel marry as he takes her back to Janus to join him in the lighthouse and start their own paradise on the island. When a boat arrives on the island holding a dead man and a tiny infant the couple don’t know what to do. While Tom is adamant he must stick to the keepers code Isabel , heart broken by the death of her stillborn son and two miscarriages and sure the child is an orphan, takes in the little girl and as she takes her to her breast Tom knows he cannot send the child away. The couple begin to realize however that Janus isn’t the only place in the world and while their paradise is a world away  they cannot hide forever. 

This novel absolutely warmed and shattered my heart all at once. I honestly can not remember a book that has touched me in this way before, even my favorite The Storyteller didn’t make my heart ache this much. I knew nothing of this book before I found it in my local Tesco’s and I was hesitant to pick it up, but I am so glad I did. The blurb warns you that it will break your heart but I was skeptical, I am yet to read a review which hasn’t brought the reader to tears by the end. I’ve read reviews beforehand saying that they couldn’t stand Isabel and I could see why some would but I just couldn’t. I don’t know if it is because I’m a woman, because I have maternal instincts but I understood Isabel. I understood why she did what she did and how much losing her children broke her and changed her in a way because think about it, wouldn’t it change you? I can also understand Tom’s dilemma and the decision he makes and maybe it’s not the right one but in his shoes I doubt anyone knows what they would really do. In a way it is a what would you do story but you don’t realize it until afterwards. 


The novel has a very real sense of the implications of war and the fragile nature of human life without being a historical novel. Although we never hear about Tom’s time as a serving soldier to graphically you don’t need to because it is not the dead who will shatter you heart it is the living who are left behind. On land there is an eerie sense of the hardships of war, of the men who came home but never really came back at all, the mothers and widowers who refuse to believe their boys are really dead. Stedman also bravely touches on another subject, racism after a war, when an innocent life is lost because of the decisions of the few. As a young Austrian man loses his life it is swept under the carpet that his murder was in a towns rage. In my opinion this was incredibly important because we rarely see this side written about and also because it shows the hurt of a whole community and also the sacrifice of Australia in WW1. 

One of the main reasons I loved it though was because I wasn’t in a rush. This wasn’t a thriller but it made you want to read on at your own pace. After saying this however this does not mean that I couldn’t put it down and even though I peeked later on at one point I soon forgot what I had read because you get so absorbed in the novel. The imagery  of the surroundings is beautiful and I could hear the characters inside my head. The way I can decide if it is a novel worth passing on is if the characters live on in my head, if they become alive and Stedman has certainly done this. I think about living in a light house, about Tom and Izzy’s life and I dream about Australia, so on that basis I think I can give you a five star rating! 

The Light Between Oceans – M. L Stedman (debut novel) 

***** – It may have broken my heart but I love this novel to pieces already! 

Published by Black Swan 

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We are GREAT Britain, you will not take that away.

Tonight, we are rocked. An innocent man, possibly a soldier, has been mercilessly massacred in broad daylight with apparent hatred towards our soldiers. The reason? apparently religion. Damn religion again, when will people get it into their heads. It is things like this which is why I despise religion how can you do this in the name of a so called God? How can you believe all this? 


All I will say is that to anyone who thinks they can scare OUR country you are wrong. If you think you can terrorize us you are wrong, try just bloody try and we WILL take you down, because WE are Great Britain you will never bring us down.


I am falling apart 

Pieces and pieces of this tough old heart 

I know again that it will start

I will move on but for now I need to mend a broken,broken heart. 


Welcome back

Hello there, 

Have you forgotten who I am? I don’t really blame you. With my A Levels and the end of BTEC fast approaching I’ve been horribly occupied which means you guys have had to wait. It has also been a time of letting go and saying goodbye, sometimes unexpectedly. 


So for you my friends I am going to do write about heart break and not in the normal sense of the word. Sometimes your heart can break into a million pieces but not because of a lover, not because of a boyfriend or girlfriend but because of a friendship, or a loss that is entirely unromantic. Right now I’m facing too many of these and I wanted to express myself….


Check out the next post, thank you. 


Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn



There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold.

Nick Dunne is a normal man living a normal life with his wife Amy, or so he thinks. Which is why when his wife suddenly vanishes and he is the prime suspect the world spins around him.

I picked up this book with great anticipation, I had heard great reviews and thought to myself okay a thriller would be good right now. At first I was hooked, as Nicks behavior became more and more damaging and how could you not fall in love with happy go lucky Amy? However it felt to me that through the novel Flynn was trying to push the readers mind in one way or another. I didn’t have the opportunity to work the characters out for myself at all which irritates me in a novel, I don’t like being told to have an opinion. 


The novel is split into three parts and let me put it this way but the second part I was shocked and excited. Within a few pages of the second part I was really, really annoyed with myself. I actually felt like I had wasted my time and money with this novel because without giving it away I really hated the ending. I felt like it was so anticlimactic after the build up and it just ruined the whole novel for me. One thing I cannot fault Flynn on is her research as it is incredibly good but at the same time I feel that this takes away from the story (you will see what I mean when you read it). 


I know this is a short review but there is so many twists and turns I’m trying to to give anything away. I feel let down by the hype surrounding this novel as I found it fairly boring after the plot twist and got really irritated with the characters, especially Amy.


Overall ** 2 stars for this one as I was not impressed again, however I would like to read more thrillers ot see how they compare. 

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