The hand that first held mine – Maggie O’Farrell

Quite a while a ago I picked up this novel with great anticipation. The front cover said that this novel had won the Costa Novel Award and the blurb promised stories of two young women, one a university graduate, the other a new mother. I have to say 75 pages in I’m bored, disappointed and have chosen to put the book in the selling pile.

The novel was odd to start with due to the narrative however the descriptions of nature were beautiful, this beauty didn’t return until much later in a rather gross way. The reader has an omniscient narrator and I just feel that this didn’t work, it wasn’t as real to me as a reader. The plots didn’t actually have much to do with each other (until I gave up and skipped to the end) and I found the characters had to connect with, there just didn’t seem anything to them. They just bored me to tears!

This is an incredibly short review but there is little to say, I tried to carry on but unfortunately this was not a novel for me!! Only 2 stars today **, very disappointing 😦




Easter fun!

Hello to all my lovely readers!

I’m writing for you today from a slightly sunny Hampshire. Apparently this is one of the coldest Easters on record for the UK but honestly it doesn’t feel like it, I was still out in my shorts and tights this morning!! Tonight I have a gig at a local bar, it’s not my favourite but it’ll be nice for me and the boys to play again. Today though was for family, I’m waiting for my roast dinner as I type…although we are having pork! I think you have realised by now were not traditional, nor are we religious. I used to go to a Christian school but it’s really not for me, I’m not a fan of religion in general. for me it causes to many arguments and wars, so today I celebrate the wonder that is chocolate and a good book! Whatever you celebrate I hope you have a great day, if you don’t celebrate at all enjoy the day off!!

Chloe 🙂

Why Agents Stop Reading Your Manuscript

Brilliant, will be taking this on board.

A thank you to my followers.

Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who follows and comments on this blog, you guys make my day! I’m hoping to try and give the blog a little make over soon with lots of new and exciting stuff!

Thanks guys!!


An evening I will never forget.

I have just got home from the most amazing night in London. I’m going to try and put all of this into words for you guys but I am so hyperactive and excited and AHHHHHHH. Tonight I went to ‘An evening with Jodi Picoult’ at Kingsplace, London. So not only did I get to meet my all time favourite author (other than J K Rowling of course),not only that I got to speak to her! The best part? My literary idol KNEW WHO I WAS, spoke to me and told me I WAS a writer. Once I got out of there I cried and I’m pleased, I also got mobbed a little in the toilets because people knew who I WAS?!?

I know I’ve gone a little heavy on the capitals but come on? The talk was really interesting and I took my mum (she’s not really into these kinds of books), I think it’s safe to say that Jodi has gained a new fan! Jodi came across as a really friendly and loveable woman, not to mention completely hilarious at points but also she showed her passion. The passion comes across in the novel but seeing her for real? It was inspiring. So now I have her advice on research, I am going to go and start my novel.

Watch this space.

Party (a poem)

I am sober. 

       I am drunk. 

                 I am sick. 


The point of this poem was to be as blunt as possible and to be a little humorous  I hope it gave you a little giggle!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky


Last month I sat down to watch The Perks of a Wallflower, not knowing that there was a novel. As a Emma Watson fan I was very excited to see  how she would tackle an american role and how should would progress as an actress, and I had heard it was a good movie. As I watched I felt that there was something missing, after finding the novel I hoped that I could work that out.

The novel opens with Charlie’s letter, addressed to simply ‘friend’ and why he has chosen them and that he doesn’t want them to find him. This is itself I found a little odd but decided to carry on to the actual novel and try and find what was missing. All I can say is that if I hadn’t watched the film (and didn’t have you guys to think about) I probably wouldn’t have continued with the novel. The problem was the narrative perspective, throughout most of the novel I found it really hard to be sympathetic with Charlie. Not only did his voice appear dull, fractured and frankly odd there was also no reason for the way he acted around people. The attitude is made worse by the self pity that until much later has no reason, Charlie just appears to be a moping teenager wondering where he fits in and living the life of a loner. To make matters worse every single scenario generally ended in an incredibly depressing way and focused on the gloom of life.  

When Charlie meets some friends I thought hallelujah!, this might perk things up from here. I was wrong again and starting to get a little annoyed, Chbosky portrayed these group of teenagers as spending all their time drinking, driving (sometimes after drinking), getting high or stoned or being in generally abusive and troubling relationships. There were some areas of lightness, such as Charlies family relationships but these were generally after a secret of some kind and that ruined the relationships for me. 

I know I haven’t said an awful lot about the novel but the problem with there being a major spoiler right near the end of the book is that there isn’t much I can reveal. Honestly I was incredibly let down by this novel and in some ways I found Charlie as being quite irritating as a narrator. In the end I felt less so as things seemed to blend a little but before I could enjoy it the novel was dragged back to a depressive state (which at the end is understandable). 

I give this novel 2 stars **, I might watch the film again but I doubt I would read the novel. I honestly struggled and was incredibly bored throughout. 


Review by Chloe Metzger

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