Change of Heart – Jodi Picoult


I guess that the picture above gives away the basic plot of this novel. The whole ‘What would you do?’ question printed on each of the novels front covers is fairly recent as when I started reading Jodi Picoult novels (around 2009/2010 when my teacher recommended her as I was reading everything else too fast due to a leg injury meaning hours on my own) these were not printed. I can’t exactly remember which novel I picked up first, it might have been My Sister’s Keeper which I found in the spare bedroom at my boyfriends house, either way I was hooked on these novels from the word go.

Change of Heart is divided into 4 voices (which is normal in Picoult’s world),a Death Row convict , a Catholic priest, a Jewish lawyer and a heartbroken mother. Shay has been convicted of a double murder of a child and her step father (Junes daughter and husband) and is awaiting the date of his death. After being on death row for 10 years Shay learns that the sister of his victim is awaiting an urgent heart transplant and will die soon if she does not receive a new heart, upon hearing this Shay decides that after his death he wants his heart to go to the little girl so he can save her. Ok I understand your confusion at this point, I was a little confused too but it makes more sense when you are actually reading it and have the story in your head.

Throughout the novel there are many twists and turns that make you think where the hell did that come from? (In a good way I mean) Picoult loves throwing in these curveballs which make you re evaluate what you think and in the way of characters I think she has achieved this perfectly. A lot of people would criticize ‘unrealistic’ changes to plot line or characters that do not necessarily change throughout the novel, however in many of these instances Picoult has dealt with this almost effortlessly. Some criticize the character of June saying that she’s full of anger and emotion or even by saying that she isn’t fiery enough or is mopey. I’m sorry but if you had to live with your first husband dying in his job as a police officer, your second husband being murdered along with your young daughter while being heavily pregnant, then having to raise that child alone with a serious heart condition I don’t think your really going to be skipping along, do you? The character of Shay has also been criticized, however I find him absolutely fascinating, he really draws you in because of the religious element, the great thing about Picoult is that she will not shy away, in this novel she shows our fascination as a culture with religion. I myself am not religious but found this twist absolutely fascinating and I can’t give Picoult enough praise for again flipping something completely that throws the reader off balance.

I have recently learnt that there is going to be a film version of this at some point and I’m actually very curious. If anyone has read my previous posts you will notice this is not the first Jodi Picoult review I have written, I also reviewed My Sister’s Keeper as well and spoke about the film version. For those of you who have not read my review, I expressed how damn angry I was at the film makers, I refuse to watch it as so much has been changed. In my opinion if you want to base a film off of a novel of course it wont be exactly the same and that’s okay as not everything is going to be the same as they are different methods BUT! when you completely change the plot line I’m really not okay with it, I cant tell you what changes as it will either ruin the novel or the film but it just made me mad! That novel was a stroke of genius with detailed medical and ethical research and in a way the beauty of it just got thrown away. It is because of this I’m so interested and slightly wary of film adaptations (don’t even get me started on Twilight!), so it’ll be interesting to see how they have handled this.

Overall I feel that this is one of Picoult’s most breathtaking pieces of work, I could not put this novel down for the life of me. I wish I could tell you all of the beautiful twists but alas I can’t so it is up to you guys!! I give this ***** 5 stars, absolutely perfect. No flaws in the plot either! I could go in forever but I will let you go and find out for yourself!

Review by Chloe Metzger

In light of this review can I please ask you to consider organ donation 🙂 thank you!


Ways to live forever- Sally Nicholls


The issue of childhood Cancer is not a topic that can easily be spoken about, so how about giving a novel about it to a class of 14 year olds as a project? When I was in year 9 my pain in the ass teacher (and oh she was an almighty bitch too) gave us this book I didn’t think much of it (nor did I think much of her teaching). Although most people may see this novel as to much of a challenge for 14 year olds they must read it an appreciate the brilliance of Sally Nicholls.

The quote on the blurb is quite shocking

My name is Sam

By the time you read this

I will probably be dead.’

From this the novel seems quite daunting, the thoughts of a dying child and the questions he desperately wants to get the answers to. The novel is written from the eyes of 11 year old Sam who is suffering with terminal leukemia however in the way only a child can, he is blunt and asks a lot of questions. As with other novels regarding cancer we do see the impact on Sam’s family and you really do want to reach out to them. The novel is in the form of a scrap book and has all of Sam’s goals of things he wants to do before he dies

I have to admit reading it as an older reader I am heart broken but I feel it also reminds us of just how aware children are. I think it’s often forgotten in the medical world that kids are intuitive, they know when something’s wrong, especially with themselves.

The problem with reviewing this novel is you give things away that ruins the brilliance. All I can say is go pick up a copy, you will definitely laugh, you will probably cry and you will 100% finish with a place in your heart for Sam.

**** 4 Stars, pick up your copy now!!

Review by Chloe Metzger

I’ve been waiting about 10 years to get these special editions <3 Today was amazing



A quick note and a few surprises

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