An Education -Lynn Barber


When I picked up this film from Blockbuster I thought it was going to be great. I watched it and thought it was pretty good so when I found the novel for download I thought it was going to be fantastic! I was wrong oh so, so wrong. 

If Lynn Barber ever comes across this I’m sorry but she appears to be an idiot, completely and utterly. Tonight’s review will be a short one because this was so silly the girl is a complete idiot for an Oxford graduate. Oxford is painted as a place of alcohol, sex, drugs and very little study… she comes off as a complete bimbo and still doesn’t learn after her con-man boyfriend sets her up. 

For once I actually like the film better, please don’t waste your money on this!!! 

* (lowest rating ever) 


A kind and selfless man

In light of recent events I decided to postpone reviewing a novel which I personally hold dearly. What happened at Sandy Hook elementary school last Friday was horrific and I have previously written about it, I no longer wish to rant. Instead I found something online today that honestly melted my heart.The interviews in which parents of little children shot dead, relatives of teachers trying to make a difference in the world and the faces of the innocent who probably didn’t understand what was happening until the awful moment, are enough to break a heart and a relatives life. As well as this there has also been the death of 10 young girls in Afghanistan from senseless violence. 

Despite all this whilst reading through articles I found a comment that had been released by one of the children’s fathers. Despite his horror and grief at losing his terribly young little girl,which in the grand scheme of life he had so little time with, he reached out to the family of the gunman and the gunman’s mother (also killed in the shootings). In his lovely message he said “I can’t imagine how hard this experience must be for you…and I want you to know that our family and our love and our support goes out to you as well.”. I’m sorry but in all this tragedy this one man has given me faith in humanity, he has just lost his child and he is thinking of the family of the man who killed her. When I read this I realised that in one of my favorite novels Nineteen Minutes this attitude was much needed. 

The novel surrounds a high school shooting (I perceive it to be loosely based on Columbine) and is seen from various perspectives the most interesting is the shooters mother. Unlike Mr Parker (seen on Twitter being comforted by President Obama) the towns people turn on her and her husband blaming them for what their son had become. She is shunned from her midwifery position and her husband is forced to take a leave of absence from his lecturer’s job. Also in the novel Peter is a ‘loner’ with what appears to be mental health issues. In my opinion as someone who has had experience with mental health issues I do not think this is entirely fair. There has been no official report on the mental state of the shooter (who I will not name as I do not want that filth’s name on my page), which outrages me as labelling something as simply being a ‘mental health issue’ don’t just label it as a huge thing making out anyone with a mental health issue is going to be a phsyco. 

I just felt that the kindness and selflessness this man had was an example to us all and in light of what has happened he is awe inspiring.

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Rest in Peace to the fallen

Today something deeply shocking shook America. I would like to offer my condolences to their families and hope that they didn’t suffer too much but well either way they saw horror they never should have. Any shooting is bad and in America’s history this in my opinion goes down as the worst, not because of the numbers. These were children, innocent children if local reports are to be believed these were 5 year olds my cousins are 5, I could never think of them being in this situation it makes me feel sick. However no matter how awful it is that tehse poor little ones have been slaughtered there is something worse, there will be children who have seen sights that no one should see especially not 5-10 year olds and the poor little ones who did die we will never know what they have seen.

President Obama made an emotional appeal to the world which shows just how caring he is. He didn’t put on a brave face, a stiff upper lip, he was open with us he did show tears and thank goodness he did. Also he mentioned tighter gun laws only in a very slight way but he was right to do this. Some sick sick bastard has gone in and shot up little children and he had easy access to a gun, America must change its laws. The legislation of having a right to bare arms was made in 1791, it is time to change let go of this idea that guns mean freedom! If nothing is changed I will give up on America I swear and what makes this worse? All I keep hearing is let’s pray, I know it may be comforting but it just reaffirms my belief in atheism there cannot be a God who would allow this to happen I just can’t comprehend this.

Rest in Peace all Men, Women and Children but the survivors also have a long way to go ❤


Where will you be (12/12/12)

It’s been years since the last occurence, 

Last time it wasn’t even you. 

So how can you put a hand over your face 

a little whisper and a laugh 

I have nothing to do with you. 


I know you believe rumours, 

lies with no truth. 

I also know you spread them 

a hen amongst your little group. 

You may be heading to Oxford all your sneering little gang,

but in ten years time what will become of you? 


A Head of a fancy company, charming doctor to boot

A rich preacher more interested in himself than his flock 

while your peers around you whisper about you being a cock. 


I may be frank and I may be loud,

and yes let’s be cliche and say I’m fucking proud. 

But where will you be, in ten years time? 

With a hell of a lot of growing up to do and not even each other to whisper too! 


So carry on your twittering, your snide little moans 

come and see me when I’m the one your dying to know.


An original poem by Chloe Francesca Metzger 12/12/12.

The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir



Now really you should never review a book before you’ve finished it unless you are going to stop reading it. I’ve found an exception, I’ve mentioned before how much I love Tudor fiction ( I even have ideas for my own novel) , but I am very particular in what I read. To have a good piece of historical fiction I need to be able to fall into that time, no questions asked. I need to want to know more all the time, learn new things, go off and research what I have read. While reading The Other Boleyn Girl although at times I got fidgety I honestly did fall into that world, I felt the heartache of the characters, I felt the anger , the pain, the brand new love. That is how you should feel when reading a good novel especially one of a different time.

I started reading The Lady Elizabeth after picking it up on my kindle, I needed something to read and I’d read a chapter or two a while back so I thought I’d pick it up again. According to the little bar at the bottom of the page I’m only 30% through but I’m having difficulties with it I must admit. The novel follows the life of the great Queen Elizabeth the first through all of her living memory, sound great doesn’t it? I thought so ( I have a fascination over Anne Boleyn and her little daughter who came to be one of the greatest Queens this country ever had), however I was very disappointed. The problem may seem silly too many but I feel that while Weir believed that it was a story that needed to be told she has tried to cram in too much. From history we know that Elizabeth was beyond average intelligence but Weir has made her so intelligent you forget how old she is supposed to be it just seems a little ridiculous.

It is because of this reason that I find myself just seeing this novel as a story, with honesty little depth and too much imagination. I have also found little things, that have also come across in other novels, there is a sense of brave feminism which seems entirely too hopeful. The reader knows full well that there were not many women who concerned themselves with equality for women in the Tudor ages, if there had we would have seen the suffragette movement a lot earlier!

I may keep reading the novel but I feel that the given maturity of Elizabeth really does hold the novel back at points!

For this novel I only give 3 stars, it’s a good story but I just can’t sink my teeth into it I’m afraid!

Writers block!