Good Morning, Good Morning!!!

Good Morning my lovely fellow bloggers. 

I noticed last night that I have been reading a fair bit lately and now have nearly 30 books I need to review O.O

So for you guys this is going to be great. Lots to read!


Thank you again for your continued support, 

Love Chloe 




Remeberance Sunday


This morning I woke up to a dawning realisation, today was the 11th November. The day we remember those who have fallen, those still fighting and those injured fighting for our beautiful country. Now there are varied ways to support your troops. In the USA there are loud celebrations and almost everywhere you look there is something reminding you of sacrifice. In the UK however we are a lot more subtle, we let out troops lead their lives without massive fuss, we will silently nod to them with a smile when they pass us on the street and we will stand lining the streets if a coffin passes, regardless of if we had known them or not. 

You see the idea of Britain having the ‘stiff upper lip’ is true but if you ask our serving men and women I don’t think they would want it any other way. After all a good soldier never signs up for fame, glory or recognition. They join to serve their country, they join because it is what they want to do and what they are prepared to die for.  

This year however I found the service a little hard to watch for a variety of reasons. Firstly I have friends who in the next 12 months should be in the Army and RAF. There was a horrible heaviness as I watched the names of all of the fallen, I couldn’t even let myself think of the possibility that in the worst situation they could join that list. I got angry, why,WHY let these young men and women die in this day and age? For a war that has gone on far too long! I thought I couldn’t get madder then what do we see? The Prime Minister and other government officials, I didn’t want to see them. I wanted to see the people who were actually important who were actually worth seeing not some morons who sit in an office and decided the fate of too many. Then it was the big one RELIGIOUS REPRESENTATIVES, yes let’s invite religion something that has started the majority of wars and lost countless lives. 


So today dont let any of the spotlight focus on anyone other than the armed forces. 

To those lost – Rest In Peace

To those still fighting- Stay strong 

To those injured- Never give up 

To all – Thank you, you will never be forgotten 

Lest we forget.

Girls that really don’t deserve anything in life.


I’m sorry to start on a fairly angry message but I really couldn’t let this go. 

Now in society there are these nasty little tramps who believe that because a boy falls out with them, break up with them, gets just as drunk as them and has sex with them, they can call rape on this boy. Now girls like this I despise, I really think they are part of the lowest scum of society and unfortunately in my home town I know a few and the guys? They can do nothing. 

It is because of these nasty little tramps that girls who are actually the victims of sexual violence and abuse often either feel that nobody will believe them and it leaves them too petrified to go to the police. So yes I’ll call these girls names, if it wouldn’t get me into trouble I would name and shame them. This only came to my attention a few days ago a girl has accused 3 different guys of raping her, she is just nasty the most horrible girl I have ever met. I think that these girls these vile specimens of the human race should go to prison for false accusation. I know guys who have lost everything because of a false accusation, all of their friends, have been turned out of public places because the owners think them to be suspicious and believe her lies.

I will protest these boys innocence, because I know that they wouldn’t do this or because I know the girl is a dirty liar. If she can go around and party, joke,laugh after more than one man she has accused of raping or taking advantage of her? Then why the hell should I believe her and if it did happen then of course thats awful but she will never be believed, a disgusting lie and crying wolf will marr these girls for life. 

As for the women who go unbelieved, no this isn’t the right way. These women should be given support, guidance and legal aid to take down their attackers. Women should not be blamed for what they wear when morons say they were ‘asking for it’, its like saying ‘oh your wearing red? well I’m going to punch you in the face because your wearing a colour that attracts bulls to stampede’. Exactly it’s pathetic? 

I’m sorry but this needed to be said. 

Thank you for reading. 

Thank-you so much

After a long time off the support on this blog has been absolutely insane I’ve hit well over the 1000 mark. Thank- you so much to everyone who has ever even glanced at this blog, it means so much!

Now back to business, NaNoWriMo was a slight disaster, I lost my note book and got given a load of coursework and it made it nearly impossible BUT! I got a great idea for a book and although it may half kill me to write it but I think it’s a story that really needs to be told.

You probably wont know this about me (because the Internet isn’t that reliable) I was bullied horrendously bullied for years, I lived in constant fear for about 9 year both within school and dealing with the after effects once I left school. It may not be something anyone wants to read but it will help me sort out my own head as well. 

I’m also hoping to do a fair few more reviews but mainly I have a few ideas for my other blog so check that out too! 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Starting to lose my sanity but also gaining NaNoWriMo!

Good Morning wonderful bloggers around the world! 

So I know I’ve harped on about Coursework a lot in the last few months but I tell you no lies this one might kill me, I have so much to say about the topic but not enough words in the word limit to say it which is driving me mad! I feel like I’m having to slightly dumb down my analysis in order to compare all three of the texts that I need to 😦 

However! today is the 1st November (Pinch,Punch First Day of the month No Returns!) which means two things, on it is the last day that me and Ali will be the same age at the same time for another 10 months as he turns 19 tomorrow! Also today is the start of NaNoWriMo, not familiar with this? National November Writing Month creates the aim to write a novel in a MONTH. 50,000 words in a month. Knowing myself and all my deadlines being in the next few months I don’t know if I’m going to completely finish in time but I want to keep you guys updated with my progress. Right now I have a rough idea for a story (or 3!) which I started on my Creative Writing Summer School in August and hopefully tonight I will be posting up the opening with you, extremely unpolished so you can get a feel for the craziness of NaNoWriMo. I know of two friends doing it my friend Becca who studies at Brighton now is totally adamant that she will finish it this year and the lovely Scott Classens who  I have linked before to his brilliant video blog (which is a life saver when you miss him and a load of others like crazy!).


Hopefully I will update you tonight with some c/w progress and a novel opening! 

Much love!