Leave. (a funny little poem)

So I have started gradually writing again which is so much fun because I’ve really missed writing these for you guys and myself! I have a few poems for you today as I am in a good mood and decided to give you a little treat 🙂 This poem is about those really annoying people who walk in and out of your life and expect the world. I know to many of these at the moment and can’t shake them off because I see them at college a lot, I’d like to think others would agree that this is what you really want to say to those annoying little so and so’s! 

Sometimes I wish you would really leave. 

get on a plane, in a car, on a train

something that can speed away! 


The rest have gone, 

for reasons I can understand.

You are bitter,

for reasons I cannot comprehend. 


Part of me thinks, 

it’s something you enjoy.

Endless misery and loathing 

or you think it brings me some kind of joy? 

To listen as you whinge on and on,

although I am certainly not innocent 

of bad days and foul moods! 


So for the last time I will say

if you want to leave then go, 

go and bloody stay away. 


Your not worth the hassle 

and I’m going insane.

So please bugger off 

to whichever planet from which you came! 


Leave. Written by Chloe Metzger Wednesday 31st October 2012 


Where rainbows end- Cecelia Ahern



I thought I would start with a nice winter warmer for you all to get back into the swing of blogging. If you are following my second blog http://www.fuelledbypotnoodle.wordpress.com you will know I’ve been totally off of the radar lately because of all my college research that I’ve had to do for my coursework! (when you get one shot and its worth something like 40% of your A2 if your like me you research the hell out of it!) So to ease you back in I thought I would give you a little Cecelia Ahern to warm up the cold and dark days. If you are in the USA then the novel is called either Love,Rosie or Rosie Dunne, this is possibly because in America the reference of the title may not be understood (it is referring to the saying ‘there’s gold at the end of the rainbow’). 

Alex and Rosie grow up in a small town in Ireland, the two of them can be a slightly troublesome pair but are always at the core the best of friends and cannot be without each other. Don’t be fooled by this fairytale sounding novel with a pretty cover, you wont be stuck with some namby pamby characters who annoy the hell out of you. When Alex’s family decide to move from cosy Ireland for a life in the USA, Rosie doesn’t just sit down cry and give up waiting for another man to save her. She’s young and she’s sad but she gets on with it whilst missing her best friend, after all Rosie was the little girl to always be sent to the head teachers office later turning into rebellious teenagers.

So the friends agree to write each other letters and to never lose contact and as the times change letters become emails and shorter postcards. Honestly I think this is a beautiful way to structure a novel, there are no useless and boring chapters as the author doesn’t need to fill every single second with what the protagonist does all day. After a few years however Rosie decides she has had enough and wants to tackle a big city and prepares to leave Ireland and lay her roots in the USA with her best friend by her side. However life doesn’t always follow the path that you want it too and just as she is about to leave Rosie gets some news that will rock her world and mean that she has to put her plans with Alex on hold. 


After a one night stand leaves Rosie pregnant she must take on the role as a single mother, leaving her dreams of the USA behind. However Ahern hasn’t made her life hell and made her miserable and unable to achieve anything because she has a baby (Finally an author who doesn’t think that motherhood is the end of every aspect of your life!!!). Rosie can’t got to America but throughout the novel she tries her very best and achieves some happiness and the ending well I wont ruin that but it is a cracker!. However life does get very tough for her at the time and you just want to groan and give the girl a break! 


So with new challenges ahead, new jobs and relationships Alex and Rosie fight to continue their friendship despite the many miles between them and the struggles they face when they desperately need their best friend. 

There is so much I want to tell you about this novel but if I tell you most of it will give the game away. I really admire Ahern for this novel as well as the better known P.S I love you, these two in particular as some of her other novels I really couldn’t get into at all. I can also say that after reading one of her novels you desperately want to visit Ireland, it is on my list of things to do not only because of the accent but the whole place just looks so beautiful! 

I give this novel 4.5 stars, I do adore it and I was hooked when I first read it so its a definite recommendation! 


Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern 

Published by Harper Collins Publishers

Available from most good book shops. 

Review by Chloe Metzger 

The 25th and 26th

Blehhhh. Not much has happened in the last few days so I have an idea, instead of updating you with simply the boring nature of the day I might put up a website link, photo, article or similar! 

I hope you enjoy! This will start from tomorrow! 😀 

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Hello everyone, 

I’m very sorry that I haven’t been posting in such a long time but the weight of A2 English Literature research and Extended Project English research too! My coursework should be pretty much finalised in the next few weeks so I will be back to reading yippie! Hopefully lots of reviews coming your way soon. 

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The Other Boleyn Girl – Phillipa Gregory


Many of you will be aware of this novel from it’s film release a few years back (which was in my opinion a bloody good film) although there are some key differences between them both. I enjoyed both of them but as separate pieces of art, if you can separate the two then they are both good in their own way.

I got this book a while ago and never got around to reading it until I was one holiday and found it left on a bookcase in the house, a few pages in I was hooked. A young King Henry first notices a young Mary when she is just out of childhood, already married off however still with a glow of innocence about her. It is not long before her power-hungry family pushes her into the bed of the King to please him and build their power within the court. However despite a new passion she feels for the stong King she also feels deep guilt to her Queen, Katherine of Aragon despite serving her family. It is not long before Mary’s quick-witted and sharp-tongued sister Anne returns to court from France. With her quick wit and dark, dangerous eyes it is not long until the King begins to notice ‘Mistress Anne’, despite his young and pregnant mistress,Mary. In a disgusting game the Boleyn family puts the two girls against each other (although not as quickly as in the film may I add), although it seems that there is no sisterly bond at points there are a tenderness between the two women but this is quickly taken away by a rivalry that seems to have been present from early childhood (also not correctly portrayed in the film version)

The whole novel is seen through Mary’s eyes, young and innocent at first although steadily she see’s the truth about the Boleyn’s deceitful ways but once Anne has set her sights on something she must get her own way. Two children later including the son Henry has desperately craved and Mary see’s that she has been used in a bigger game and now she must fight and do her sisters bidding for the sake of her children. Although I must say that it is heartbreaking that all Mary wants is to be loved and who can blame a young girl falling for the young and fresh-faced King of the land and later on having to teach her sister how to please him with ‘whores tricks’. As Anne rises, Mary begins to fall although she is never released by Anne who is portrayed as greedy, selfish and a woman who has her eyes entirely set on the prize even if it kills her and means taking away her sisters children to claim a place on the throne.

I don’t know how I feel about how Gregory has portrayed Henry, she seems to show him as charming, loving and well, quite stupid before Anne and seems to pass the blame on her for Henry’s late vicious ways and merciless killing. It sort of goes along with the idea that Anne changed Henry and it was her doing all of his bidding, but in historical context lets not forget the seemingly innocent Jane Seymour was picking out her wedding dress the day Anne got beheaded. Henry may have been a fool but it was not a womans doing, I firmly believe the spoilt and selfish child grew to be a man who still expected to get what he wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. There are hints at this through Mary’s eyes although not nearly enough for my liking.

Obviously with this being historical fiction there is a fair amount of playing with historical fact and myth for example Anne’s miscarriage of a ‘monster’ and her tyrannical hold over her sister (despite their being evidence to suggest that Mary was indeed at home looking after her children far away from London) or the openness about George Boleyn that I irritating. However Gregory does this in such a way that you do have to remind yourself that this is fiction based on events although it seems so real that this is a difficult task to undertake.

Overall I was fairly up and down over this novel at first it took me a while to get into and then over time I could not put it down, then again towards the end there was a dip. Anyone who knows British history knows what happened to both Anne and George but the beauty is Mary’s fate at the end of the novel (which I feel was well deserved even though it actually happened, Gregory done a good job) because of this I will give it three stars because it was a good read at times but at other points it just wasn’t and I think if there wasn’t romance within Mary’s life it would have been quite dull!

*** 3 stars!

The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

Published by Harper,

buy here! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Other-Boleyn-Girl-Philippa-Gregory/dp/0006514006/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349730589&sr=1-1

or any good book shop!

Review by Chloe Metzger


Writing, to me, is simply…

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.


It’s really been a while!

Can I take the opportunity in this blog to apologise for my lack of updates but the beginning of going back to college was absolutely mad and I haven’t been doing much out of text reading at the moment (I honestly haven’t had the time). I promise some lovely reviews in the next few weeks once I have found my feet again.


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