I met a man in a bookshop once….

Today I was walking around a bookshop just browsing and I came to a stop at the classics section just to see if there was anything worth reading, to pass the time I picked up a copy of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables I’d performed it once  so I started to read the blurb and could feel eyes watching me, I put it back down and was about to walk away. ‘No!’ said a mans voice behind me ‘ go and buy it’ he had an accent and looked a little rough around the edges , ‘this book’ he told me ‘this book made me feel for about 3 weeks after’ I looked up at him and told him I already had to many books at home and continued to look at the display (for some reason I couldn’t leave). I thought he had gone but he picked up a book and opened it and pointed at the first line ‘I am ill’ it said I thought oh god this poor man in a different country and just had such an energy about him. Luckily I was mistaken ‘read, read a few lines’ he told me, so I stood there reading and becoming absorbed by this story, I had no idea what it was but damn it was good.

The man had walked away while I was reading I looked up he was still looking at me and he smiled then walked away, I guess he was pleased that I had continued, I’m pleased that he bothered to try to show a young (ish) girl some new reading material and introduced me to an amazing novel. I had been reading Notes from the underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, I have just this minute gone online and grabbed a copy (for a lovely 99p!).

I wanted to share this experience with my wonderful blog readers, I don’t know it just made me feel so happy and touched and I hope that the man understood how much I did appreciate him giving me that book to read 🙂

Also on another note, I have received some rather unpleasant comments lately regarding how I write, I would like to say that in my ‘About me’ I have never claimed to be an amazing writer. I am simply a 17 year old who loves to read and write and I am learning. So no, I do not always get things right, I do have a little bit of trouble with spelling I’ll be honest. 9 times out of 10 I will use spell check and go through every sentence of my work but sometimes when I feel so damn passionate about something (such as my last entry ‘Fighting back while smiling in the mirror’) I will just write and write and write until I’m done. You know what though, I am not making anybody read my blogs, they can read what they like but clearly ripping me for the sake of it is just a little bit sad, no screw that it’s amazingly sad, and pathetic. You don’t want to read my blog? then don’t read it.

I would like to thank the people behind all the positive comments I have had since I started this only 6 months ago! I really owe a lot to you guys, thank you so much!


Fighting back while smiling in the mirror

Hi guys,  a great audience for yesterday’s entry, thanks!!

I was just having a think about novels I have read in the last few years and it strikes me that there are very few regarding weight issues, especially in fiction. Yes there are many real life novels from an Anorexia or Bulimia sufferer but what about just general body worries? Not the Bridget Jones, I’m fat and 30 so nothing going to happen about it anyway, I mean from a young person’s point of view I can tell you now every girl i look at no matter how bloody perfect they look they will have something they can’t stand but why is there nothing vocal about our own insecurities? Why can’t we just admit yes there are parts of my body that I cannot stand, Why is there very little literature on this subject and if there is why does it have to be related to the newest diet to conquer it or what body shape you are? (which to be honest I fit into none of the ‘apple’,’pear’ ‘hourglass’ or ‘stick’ categories so I have no idea at all about clothing options of any of that rubbish) Why can’t we as both women AND men be confident enough to say yeah I do have some issues I don’t like these parts of myself but I don’t mind these parts. The media seems to have crushed our thoughts of happiness when it comes to our bodies and thrives on insecurities, for example flick through any of the major leading women’s magazines with the beautiful airbrushed models no imperfections (although I am sure they have them) you carry on and at least six pages at the back are adverts for surgery, quick fixes, hold in knickers ect. I’m going to be honest this is damaging especially on teenagers I’m not going to rant about vulnerability because teenagers aren’t the only people in the world to be exploited by plastic surgeons but as for myself I am only 17 years old and like and other girl I have issues with my body I wouldn’t mind my boobs slightly bigger, my hips slightly smaller and I do dream about looking ‘perfect’ and worry about how I look to others (especially on a stage for half an hour once a month) and looking at these ‘miracle’ treatments even at times for me( someone who is against surgery 90% of the time) I do consider how my life would be. I however am one of the luckier ones I do have a very supportive family and especially my boyfriend who have kept me clear of any of these silly ideas. Please don’t think I’m saying surgery is always wrong, it’s not different people have different situations, who am I to judge how they deal with it but what I am saying is why should we let these cosmetic surgeons and doctors take young girls (and guys actually) money for something they don’t need when they obviously have nothing wrong with them it is indeed psychological and by having the procedure they are setting themselves up for more hardships late on in life. I think writers need to tackle this especially in literature because this is not something that only teenagers will feel, thousands of people have these issues that are shrugged off as unimportant, they are and the media needs to start supporting the happier image of things people LOVE about how they look instead of making them pick out flaw after flaw.

So this is my plea to you my lovely readers, go away from this blog and write down 5 things you love about your appearance (always do this first!) and 5 that you don’t for the things you don’t ask yourself is there anything I can do myself (not with the help of a surgeon or doctors or anything, unless you need medical attention for something like acne or obesity) read it back and realise there are so many good things about yourself. If you’re confident enough post it on this blog lets beat this terrible industry that feeds on people’s unhappiness rather than what makes them feel good about themselves!!

To prove how strongly I feel about this here are mine, my good, bad and ugly 😀

As always thank you for reading and if you do have any novels leave me a note,

Chloe x

5 things I love about myself:

1. My freckles are cute 🙂

2. I love my eyes

3. I have a nice smile 🙂

4. When I bother to style my hair it goes lovely

5. If I wear the right clothes I can make my hips and boobs look lovely.

5 thing that I don’t like

1. Equally I also hate my hips and boobs my hips are bigger than my boobs making it hard to find clothes

2. I’m so bloody short I can never find trousers

3. My teeth REALLY annoy me they’re not straight but I hate dentists so I won’t get a brace

4. Sometimes I don’t think my boobs are big enough

5. Again my hips they really get me down sometimes

– Things I can actually do about these: honestly not a lot I was made this way apart from my teeth but a dentist is not somewhere I want to go. I can buy different Bras for specific dresses I suppose and I’m still growing, hips there is nothing I can do about it I suppose I’m just gonna have to hunt for clothes again….oh the joys!

A Book Girl starts to see the grown-up world!

Hola my lovely fellow bloggers!

I apologise for not being very vocal lately but I have barely been online and have so many books to get on reading! I am now an A2 student preparing for university! I have finally started A Levels! Today I took a trip up to London to see Kingston University, the course I saw was amazing and I mean amazing, but no matter how amazing it is I still feel the appeal of Brighton, of the sea, of knowing that I have people around me. I am slightly stuck, Kingston I  can do a combined honours degree in English and Creative Writing, Brighton I can only do English. There are a list of pros and cons as tall as I am for both of them and I still need to look at more!

Anyway diverting from my university woes, I am reading a novel called ‘The L Shaped room’ as part of my A level study. I will be studying post WW2 literature so sorry for all the reviews! The texts I will definitely be studying are ‘The Witsun Weddings’ by Phillip Larkin, ‘Look back in anger’ by John Osbourne (which I have to remember not to call don’t look back in anger haha!) and we get to choose out of four texts the third one to write our coursework on from the following ( I cannot remember the authors names as I’m going from memory only here!) The L shaped room, Room at the Top, The lonely Londoners and Lucky Jim (which looks amazingly boring and I am not going to waste my money on the abysmal plot line, just saying). This is just for the coursework!!, after that there is so much more! Also another golden find from college, I have been reading ‘In search of out mothers garden’s’ by the brilliant Alice Walker, it is such an eye opener and I can’t wait to review it for you!

Thanks for reading,new update in the next few days!

While I’m reading here is something vital that must be read and seen by the worl

This is a stunning article it isn’t out to offend anyone simply state the facts. 

Stop child abuse ❤ 


Innocence – Kathleen Tessaro

Wow what a week! Sorry I have been a little quite this week I’ve had so much going on work experiance, gigs to prepare for, deadlines etc, I got this book in a bundle of 100 (?!?!?!) I had a pile of books I wanted to read and decided to do a deal one book kindle, next book a real book. Its going okay apart from a lot of the book books are quite feminine which I don’t know if it presents who I really am, despite being excited about studying the God that is Shakespeare I also like kicking back with a fun fictional novel or something that hits hard or…well anything really.

I love this book for a light summer read, I think it grabbed me because out main character, Evie, is an actress travelling across the globe to try and fame and fortune. However despite her bold move and dreams we find Evie 15 years late teaching a late night adult’s acting course, a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Sounds terribly cliché doesn’t it? So let’s add in her dead best friend coming back to haunt her and tell her this isn’t the life she really wanted to live….okay yes this is very typical and not really a book that would grab me but it did!

Evie moved to London fresh faced from a sleepy town in Ohio, intent on chasing her dreams and becoming a worldwide actress. So let’s throw in a dingy flat, two flat mates one outrageous and outgoing, the other with a rather mothering streak, a goody two shoes boyfriend back home and a bad boy with a guitar. Unfortunately this books is so, so stereotypical of the arts type I know aspiring actresses, I am a musician so it majorly annoys me when people go oh yep this is an actress she’ll give up anything for a lover, there’s a musician they’re always shooting up or dealing and an ‘I don’t care about anyone else as long as I get a deal’ attitude. I’m not saying it’s a god damn awful books because it’s not it’s just at some points very lacking.

I did like it though, it wasn’t awful, but I am very attention to detail with literature, I hate massive loose ends in books (honestly even as a child if a story didn’t have a proper ending or another book to explain the ending after god help the author if they met me!). So much to my annoyance the character of Robbie is just a bundle of loose ends (who should of had a lot more detail surrounding her thank you very much), I don’t feel this adds to her eccentric character rather than takes away from her. We learn the reason Robbie is the way she is, is a combination of many things, she is clearly mentally ill, her parents are rich and have neglected her meaning that she is over the top and cannot handle herself but as this is a novel supposedly about friendship why is it that as soon as Jake is introduced the characters of Imo and Robbie are thrown away. In fact Imo is mentioned for a couple of chapters then is thrown away with some bloke and we don’t hear much of her after apart from a brief mention and even when she is mentioned she’s hopelessly in love with someone acting like a puppy! Going back to Robbie we really learn little about her through the novel and anything we do learn is snatched away and replaced by something about Evie and Jake AGAIN. I was craving to know more about the best friend who really bring Evie out of her shell and gives her a future she deserves (which you guessed it she throws away for the selfish boyfriend, Jake) and oh yeah comes back from death to reboot her life again (which ARGH, her death is again something that is casually thrown away).

Evie is a rather frustrating character and in some aspects ‘Innocence’ mocks the performing arts society a lot, making all of us out to be complete idiots who will do anything for love. She just gives up with everything and oh my delight that Tessaro has put in my absolute favourite excuse for a woman giving up on her dreams, she had a baby. Shock horror because we have all forgotten that once you have a baby your life is over forever. Where is the drive? the passion within her? it all melts away because of Jake.

I wouldn’t say don’t bother to read this book its a good love story (although it wouldn’t end as you suspect, the man she falls in love with is one of my favourites, love him!) and there are some great characters within it but I feel it was ruined for me as a performing arts student, because of the way the main characters have been portrayed too us ( don’t think that all musicians are druggies and all actors/actresses  are hopeless we’re not a bad bunch really!) as embarrassingly stereotypical.


I will give this 3 stars, ***

It’s not awful, but not a favourite.

Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

Published by Harper Collins


Review by Chloe Metzger


Celebrating the Queen

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, our great nations Queen serving her country for the past 60 years. I don’t think she could of done a better job really.

Have a lovely Jubilee weekend!