The Time Travellers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger,blog dedicated to Lex Benjamin

I would like to dedicate this blog to a great friend of mine, who encouraged me to read this and wanted to hear my views on it (one of many literary discussions which followed, including the on-going twilight row….but more on that another time!). For Lex Benjamin I am writing down my opinion on ‘The Time Travellers Wife’.

Audrey Niffenegger’s novel surrounds the relationship between Henry and Clare, a relationship stretching the dynamics and strength of any normal relationship (although purely in fantasy as the title suggests), the reason behind this being the rare genetic disorder which makes it possible for Henry to travel through time, although it does have rather a lot of down points. From just reading this book simply to read a story the tale is beautiful and heart-breaking, although complicated to follow, the nove itself presents something that will tug at your heart strings. However if you are reading this novel to see more into it I am afraid my friends it may not be the story for you. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy reading it and I feel that rightly so that the novel is named ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ as indeed it is based more on Clare than Henry and the trauma and difficulties she faces as her husband dissapears for long periods of time and arrives sometimes at a different age in their home stark naked and most of the time with some kind of injury (there isn’t much more I can give away without spoilers). Don’t be fooled by seeing the word time traveller this sadly is not anything like Doctor Who (although I must admit, there are many many many similarities between this relationship and that of The Doctor and River Song), and because of its bizarre nature, the plot line does get increasingly hard to follow as it keeps switching time period with no warning what so ever?! and can follow a rather gruesome and depressing feeling.

Essentially though there are parts of the novel that are completely unique and quite beautiful, especially Henry’s relationship with his mother, which without giving too much away is terribly tragic and ever so slightly terrifying… Not to mention the relationships between characters with their intricate detail, not only Henry and Clare’s relationship but other significant characters (again spoilers spoilers my friends!).


I have to admit though from a sense of any possible realistic idea, there is absolutely  nothing unfortunately, Henry is rushed to hospital nearly a death and nobody knows what is wrong with him, or if the medical staff were told would they believe him and if it was such a rare condition could they treat or help henry? I doubt it unfortunately and while I am doing a slight spoiler, the ending is really really really lacking in my opinion : / big build up and I felt a little let down.


Lex’s argument is that he feel that Henry is somewhat of a paedophile… I however disagree with this. In his own right Lex feels that there is a certain element of grooming in the relationship between them after all Henry is 36 and Clare 6 when they have their first meeting and does not meet the older Clare after a few more times of seeing the young girl. However I think that as there is no kind of attraction to Clare (even after meeting the older Clare), too this younger girl until she is completely legal and have been directed by an older Clare that they will meet, makes it seem less creepy. See what I mean about the totally confusing time changes.. really folks I am going to have to say please give this a read as it is so complicated to try and explain!!!

I give this book only 3 stars today! I wouldn’t mind reading it again but it just didn’t capture me as I thought it would, please get a copy and find out for yourself!!

The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audery Niffenegger

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POSTSECRET by Frank Warren

This book is not strictly literature, it is made up of images and words together, I’ve only had it for half an hour and I am already in love with it – a great read for Artists and Graphics people! Before I review I would like to say Happy World Book Day!!!! and thank you to anyone who supported Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke’s charity book sale today I met some wonderful people and must have brought around 30 books!

Warrens idea was to invite strangers to write down a secret they had never told anyone and mail it too him anonomously, the result was overwhelmingly beautiful. Throught this book aswell as the incredible art that has been put with each qoute, the quotes will make you feel everything, some will make you think, some will make you smile, some will break your heart and some will make you laugh (although I must say there are some that a frankly disturbing and rather sexual….).

Personally it really made me think about the way I view people, I started to watch people around me and think, what secrets do you have to hide? do you ever really know a person completely? What would I put on my own card? Hopes? dreams? fears? something to be ashamed of? something I find funny?. I think if a book can make you raise so many questions in my own head it must be good! That goes for any book, fiction,non fiction, books of all subjects!

So If you have time and want something easy going with beautiful pictures I would highly highly recommend this, Frank Warren truly inspired me.

***** (5 stars)

POSTSECRET by Frank Warren

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