The title of this post genuinely reflects my feelings about the responce I got to the poem last night, so a massive thank-you!! The Book Case has taken another hit, college book sale! So I think I have about 50 books to review!! 


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Chloe a.k.a bookworm 😀 


Upside Down, Inside out.

I’m in a very playful mood this evening so I thought I would be slightly erratic and write a poem based on what ever comes into my head! (I hope you are prepared you have been warned!), it’s meant to be based on being a child!


I will be upside down.

Or inside out,

which is how I often find my socks.


I will run and run

to the end of the garden,

and I will climb the trees!!


On top of the world I shall be!

I shall sail the seven sea’s

I shall chase lions through the jungle

jump through the skies and take a tumble.


I will colour the rainbow,

Perhaps draw a dream?

These grown-ups are so boring

why dont they run. jump.scream!!


Maybe one day,

when I don’t look up at them

I will not be upside down,

Nor will my socks be inside out.

Sorry to keep you waiting!!!

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry to keep you waiting! I have been super busy at the moment with college work and I have been out gigging with my band (if you would like to check us out the facebook page is and the video yes video eeeeeek! is if you would like to check us out please do!).

Luckily while being tied to essays,gigs,writing sessions ect. I have also been reading my current book at the moment is The colour Purple by Alice Walker, Im about halfway through but at the moment apart from some little bits and pieces it is getting an extreamly high review from me (although I have to confess it has not reached the bookcase yet as I have been borrowing it from the library) and draws some parralels with To Kill A Mockingbird, which I haven’t yet reviewed as it is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written!

Please stick around as there will be more reviews/poetry ect to come! Possibly a few articles if they prove popular!


a.k.a bookworm x

First poem!

Hi guys!!

As you know I’m a normal student which means sometimes reading time is cut down by having to read text books, novels for study etc (although I may do a play review soon, let me know what you think!), but sometimes I do creative writing, I use an amazing website for prompts! it is check it out it really helps me out when I’m stuck and sometimes sets me off on a whole other subject I can write about.

Today I picked a number it said to write a poem or story based on a flourish of hate so I put my own spin on it!, I hope you enjoy!

A  pulse, a spark, a flame

each burning

a simmer

faster now,faster.

My palms tremble,

to the beat of the drum inside my head

A simple look,

the snarl of feeling

burning through my chest.


or Love?